We're all human.

BioDigital believes all humans should be able to understand our health.

To understand anatomy, disease, and treatment, people have been limited to using drawings, text and physical models since Da Vinci’s time. Today, over 600 years later, people use interactive visualization for things like navigating maps or playing games. But understanding the human body, which is so much more important, has been left behind. It’s time to bring this level of engagement and immersion to health information. Better understanding of the human body for patients and professionals lowers costs, improves outcomes and saves lives.

Often referred to as “Google Maps for the Human Body,” the BioDigital Human platform is a medically accurate, virtual map of the human body—composed of over 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures, 600 simulated health conditions, and a toolkit to map and visualize data. This fully embeddable, cloud based software is available in eight languages, on any desktop, mobile device, or in AR/VR for use within any educational or clinical workflow.

BioDigital is used at the top medical schools and education companies, equipping tomorrow’s clinicians with the training they’ll need to reduce the third leading cause of death - medical errors.

BioDigital is at the point of care in hospitals, helping clinicians communicate complex health concepts to patients and combating the $2 billion wasted last year in the US due to low health literacy.

BioDigital is at the cutting edge of medical advancements, enabling leading pharmaceutical and device companies to communicate breakthrough treatments and procedures.

Today, over 100 million health conversations across the globe are powered by BioDigital visualization technology each year.

Put simply, BioDigital has changed the way we understand the human body.

To power the future of understanding health and medicine we designed the BioDigital Human to be:


The BioDigital Human is the most immersive and medically accurate way to visualize anatomy, disease or treatment. Proven to improve student & professional learning and patient understanding.


The BioDigital Human is cloud-based and uses only HTML standards. Embed it within any digital solution, and access it anytime, anywhere, on any device.


The BioDigital Human enables you to use engaging content across all education and communication needs, and create, edit and manage content in one place.

What humans are saying about the Human:

"It is such a simple way to really deepen somebody’s understanding of how the anatomy relates to other parts of the body."

"The summary is overwhelmingly positive... Additionally, the learners were doing better on exams following anatomy days with BioDigital versus those with old assets."

"The visualization part is sometimes the hardest for the students to grasp. Putting it right at their fingertips as they are encountering the material is brilliant."

Last year BioDigital powered over 100,000,000 health conversations.

Let’s talk about powering yours.