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The BioDigital Human is the leading software platform for visualizing anatomy, disease, and medical device procedures in interactive 3D. Publish immersive content you can use across all your sales and clinician training - when in person or fully virtual. Provide your teams and customers the most cutting-edge, engaging visualization - proven to improve learning outcomes and user confidence in your products.

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Your Device in the BioDigital Human.

The BioDigital Platform gives you access to a library of thousands of virtual anatomy, disease, and treatment models - including the full male and female anatomy.

Leverage all of these models as building blocks to configure the exact immersive experience you need using Human Studio, or work with our Professional Services team to add additional levels of detail, insert your proprietary devices, or visualize surgical procedures in the BioDigital Human.

Integrate our immersive, interactive 3D content directly with any online course, webinar, or sales enablement tool to level up all sales and clinician training scenarios.

Proven to improve performance.


Increase in scores on anatomy assessments

Learners using BioDigital to learn anatomy performed 16% better on assessments than learners using cadaveric prosection.


Increase in understanding of procedures

Medical students using BioDigital to learn a procedure outperformed peers that used a textbook by 43%.


Increase in sales rep satisfaction

When surveyed, 97% of sales reps exposed to BioDigital preferred it to existing sales training materials.


Languages available

The BioDigital platform is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Portuguese,* making it easy to globalize your content.

* Additional translations upon request.

Modernize training for sales teams.

Training teams has never been this effective. Leverage our library of thousands of interactive 3D anatomy, disease & procedure models to transform your online education. Immersive content is easily adapted and embedded within your learning management system, or viewed directly on any mobile, web or AR/VR device. Our platform enables training teams to scale consistent, immersive content to global teams, develop advanced training programs, and save money.


Engage clinicians with immersive experiences.

Provide residents, fellows, and practicing surgeons with the most innovative education available. Your products, procedures and evidence-based product claims are now available in interactive 3D. Whether your training clinicians virtually or in person your teaching should match the innovative nature of your product.

Get clinicians’ attention by visualizing evidence-based product claims and common complications to improve outcomes. Provide immersive, realistic condition and procedure visualization HCPs are excited to engage with.


The platform that advances as fast as modern medicine.

Promote groundbreaking treatment with state-of-the-art visuals, and replace existing two-dimensional photos and videos with interactive experiences in minutes. BioDigital enables teams to efficiently customize, manage, and edit innovative, stunning content that instantly adapts across any channel - websites, wallboards, AR/VR, and more.

"We launched [ BioDigital ] in the U.S. today and I couldn't have been more pleased with the feedback from both the students and instructors! Absolutely amazing."

— Director of Global Commercial Education, JNJ

Leading medical device companies rely on BioDigital to transform their education.
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