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Consumer Health

Deliver the engaging experience consumers expect.

Innovative content.

Captivate your users with modern, innovative media formats that drive high user engagement.

Multi-use visualizations.

Publish unlimited interactive 3D visualizations or 2D images to enhance digital articles, use in video production or as standalone content.

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Digital Health

Improve engagement, adherence, and visualize data using BioDigital’s 3D body map.

Robust API.

Build immersive experiences and integrate 3D models of anatomy and disease into your system with just a few lines of code.

Data I/O.

Visualize patient records, increase the precision of data entry and save clinician time by using a 3D body map as the interface to your data.

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Medical Device

Leverage the first cloud-based virtual body to visualize medical devices and procedures in interactive 3D.

Immersive Learning.

Revolutionize eLearning with turn-key 3D anatomy and disease models.

Measurable Results.

Save time and money by leveraging the 3D body to easily configure virtual surgery, procedure, and diagnostic training environments.

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Simplify scientific communication using the power of visualization across marketing and training.

Engaging Interactive 3D.

Captivate sales teams, HCPs, and customers by presenting scientific data and therapeutics in the context of the human body. Anatomy, disease, and MOAs in interactive 3D create the most engaging way to learn complex science.

Maximize ROI.

Leverage BioDigital’s cloud platform to power all your education initiatives. Save time and money by powering internal education, clinical training, and all your marketing campaigns with a single visualization solution.

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Publishers and Education Technology

Make your solution stand above the rest with interactive 3D.

Interactive 3D.

Bring your health content to life by embedding 3D anatomy and disease models, or building custom experiences with the BioDigital Human API.

Modernize Learning.

Improve health literacy and engagement using the most advanced, detailed, and scientifically accurate virtual body - easily integrated into your websites and digital textbooks.

A few years ago, being able to view the intricacies of the human heart and brain from the comfort of your own sofa would have been considered unimaginable. Now, thanks to this tool... it is a reality.

— Dr. Mahiben,
TEDMED Live Imperial College London

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