Visualize Yourself at BioDigital


Beyond core values, our Operating Principles define how we commit to showing up for each other, our customers and our users - every day.


We are curious and voracious learners, committed to finding the best solution for our customers, rather than settling for the first one, which keeps our work bleeding edge and pioneering.

We think more outside of the box here. And what we come up with collectively is much more impactful than anything we could do separately.


3D Art & Science


Creative problem solving in ambiguous situations is fun and we’re excited to figure sh*t out. We are building something big and ambitious, something the world has never seen, and we embrace this challenge with grit and determination. We seize opportunities for creating positive change in the world and take ownership for making BioDigital the best organization it can be for us, our coworkers, our customers and the world.

We hire for drive, whether that's a passion for healthcare, art or 3D tech. And everyone has to be up for the challenge of growing a business. We're growing and changing all the time, and each person here takes ownership for making our products and the company better.


3D Art & Science


As a team, we are united in our common purpose to improve lives by demystifying the human body. We are personally successful when the team is successful, so we prioritize our work according to the greatest impact on team goals.

Everyone here is really approachable. You know they’re open to listening, to learning and to teaching. I think it’s unique that we’ve been able to maintain that culture as we grow.




We trust in the expertise of our teammates and engender their trust by acting with integrity - doing what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it - and by approaching our coworkers and customers with empathy.

I've developed a very close, trusting relationship with our Product team. They trust that I'm advocating for things that really matter, and I trust them to deliver on the requests that will have the biggest impact for our customers.


Customer Experience


BioDigital’s artists are recruited for both their artistic talent and their potential to think like scientists, storytellers and technologists. As scientific thinkers, we radically simplify and visualize complex datasets. As visual storytellers, we balance aesthetic goals with the learning objectives of our users. And as technologists, we push the limits of 3D art and animation. We love problem solving where art, design and technology intersect to bring human anatomy to life.


With a mission to power the world’s understanding of the human body, BioDigital’s addressable end-user market is the world’s population - 7.7 billion people. As product managers, we empathize with the diverse needs of millions of learners, educators and content creators, breaking new ground in 3D user experiences. We leverage the talents of engineers, artists and scientists to architect a seamless UX that empowers each of our end-users to more successfully teach and learn about health and the human body.


The infinite possible applications of BioDigital’s platform gives our nimble sales team exposure to potential clients from many different industries, types of companies, job titles and countries. We’re empowered to take a consultative approach to every sales conversation which means that we’re continuously learning as the organization does too. We have fun problem-solving collaboratively and celebrating bringing this new technology to market as a team.


BioDigital’s engineering team is essentially developing a high performance video game - a 3D graphics simulation running at 60 frames per second...that runs in a browser. The content team builds the Human using the same 3D development techniques as the biggest animation studios and gaming companies in the world, and the engineering team makes it look just as good and run just as fast in any web or mobile browser, building all of the supporting infrastructure to enable that “game” to run on any device, everywhere, all the time.


The Customer Experience team knows the BioDigital Human platform inside and out. We are passionate about enabling our clients to successfully integrate the platform, achieve ROI and fall in love with our products. We are deep listeners, skilled question askers and knowledgeable advocates for enhancements that will make the biggest impact on our customers’ workflow or bottom line. Our expert support of client integrations and input into the product roadmap is key to engaging customers, big and small, for the long-term.


Benefits and Perks

NYC office located in Flatiron | Health, Dental and Vision Coverage | 401K Plan | Generous PTO