Transforming the Way
Patient Education is Presented

Explore how BioDigital simplifies complex medical concepts through interactive storytelling, giving patients the understanding they need to make the best decisions for their health.

Empowering Patients to Make Better Treatment Decisions

The combination of low health literacy and the emotionality of a diagnosis and treatment journey make the decision of how to proceed a confusing (and often devastating) one.

With the rise of the consumerization of healthcare, patients want to be active participants in their own health more than ever before. However, current forms of communicating complex disease and treatment do not meet the needs of patients.

We’re transforming patient education by simplifying complex medicine using cloud-based 3D technology. As an example of over 900 interactive 3D health condition and treatment models, watch as our interactive narrative tour walks patients through the DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforators) breast reconstruction procedure.

Over 75% of patients found the BioDigital interactive 3D models provide a deeper understanding, in less time, in a more engaging format.

— Memorial Sloan Kettering
Head & Neck Cancer 3D Visualization Study

Why Innovative Patient Education can Transform the Experience

The way health systems approach shared decision making— and the way education companies support this provider-patient engagement— has been revolutionized.

In a world where consumers are accustomed to rich, immersive experiences, today’s patient education does not match consumer expectations. BioDigital brings interactive 3D to clinicians that enable better communication and more effective education, bridging the knowledge gap between providers and patients.

Imagine the difference between reading an article about a complex condition and treatment options versus seeing inside the body at why it is functioning abnormally and how to fix it. Interactive 3D allows you to experience the procedure, providing a real understanding of the decision at hand.


Raising Health Literacy

We combine the power of narrative instruction with the cutting-edge technology of interactive 3D to create engaging experiences that not only educate patients while saving clinicians time, but also drive positive health outcomes.

Health systems are incentivized to educate patients and support shared decision-making but providers are stressed for time and lack effective communication tools. With a mission to make health and the human body understandable to all people, BioDigital has developed over 600 interactive 3D condition and treatment models to give patients a deeper understanding of what’s happening to their bodies.


Improve Patient Education and Experiences

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